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On June 8, 2022, Tektronix released a oscilloscope that is different from its own style to the world: "A Different Tektronix". Unsurprisingly, 9 years after Micsig launched the world's first tablet oscilloscope, Tektronix released their own one.

We are proud of the new product from our friend. The follow-up of Tektronix is the market's greatest recognition of the creativity of Micsig technology, just as the follow-up of Tektronix by fellow peers in the field of traditional oscilloscopes is the greatest recognition to Tektronix. 

Micsig has been walking alone on the road of tablet oscilloscope technology for 10 years, huge technology exploration and market development have been made, we deeply felt mixed joy and doubts to tablet oscilloscope from the industry along the way : Users are excited with tablet oscillosope's performance and ultimate experience, yet still raise questions that such disruptive innovations are just minority alternative. 

Today, the industry leader, finally followed our footstep, at least for Micsig users, no more wandering:  Yes, tablet portable oscilloscopes are not alternatives, but the inevitable technological development trend! Micsig took the lead by 9 years ahead, Brave and Determined.

Welcome, Tek.


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