Tablet Oscilloscope (tBook)

Tablet Oscilloscope (tBook)

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1 TO(A)Series

Tablet oscilloscope tBook TO(A)series bring you different oscilloscope operation experience. It redesigns the buttons & knobs of traditional oscilloscope, you will finish all oscilloscopes measurement operation steps by swiping and sliding with finger gestures, just like you are playing with smart phone.


2 or 4 channels,selectable from bandwidth 100MHz to 200MHz, sample rate 2GSa/s,memory depth up to 90Mpts,up to 500,000wfms/s max capture rate, supporting serial trigger operations,10.1 inches TFT-LCD,1024*600 pixels high resolution & built-in optional 13000mAh Li-ion battery will make you exact smart oscilloscope experience, which is a good assistant of your R&D job.

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2 TO Series
TO Series

Tablet oscilloscope tBook TO series are one good choice for low budget. 100MHz to 200MHz bandwidth, 2 or 4 channels, 1GSa/s sample rate, up to18Mpts memory depthup to 250,000wfms/s max capture rate, 10.1 inches LCD & 1024*600 pixel display resolution. It perfectly supports full touch and mouse operation. Friendly UI, Easy operation & Durable using.


Compared with traditional bench oscilloscope, tBook TO series unique & fast touch operation, super & clear display screen, supporting to store and view pictures locally, one shortcut key to save waveform rapidly, built-in 4G hard disk storage and optional 10000mAh or 13000mAh Li-ion battery provide you cost-effective oscilloscope choice.

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