Micsig Handheld oscilloscope MS400 series is the hobbyists’ favorite on line shop because of super cost effective. It uses double injection plastic mould making oscilloscope high IP level and giving you better handling experience; And it weighs only 1.6KG so that you won’t feel tired to use it. Besides, exclusively detachable battery design makes you no any worry in field testing.


What’s worth mentioning that it uses 5.7 inches 640*480 pixels industry TFT LCD touch screen & supports button, touch and scroll wheels operation mode; Integrating scope, meter & recorder in one unit and unique scroll wheel & touch designs making handheld operation more convenient; Rapid response of operation system & online built-in helping menu making your testing work really easy & high efficient. 

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      Integrating scope, meter & recorder in one unit.

      Meter can measure direct voltage, resistors, diodes, on-off and like that 10 tapes regular physical quantity. It also can display datas’ Maximum value, average value & minimum value and all of measurements are all in auto setting gears, no need to switch by hand.

      Recorder can be used in multi-meter recording, oscilloscope test recording & waveform recording three modes.

      Up to 50,000wfm/s refersh rate can capture waveform which normal oscillscope can’t capture.

      5.7 inches & 640*480 industry- leading TFT-LCD make display clearer and waveform more dedicated. 

      Convenient operation design – button, touch and scroll wheel.

      a, touchZoom in and out by one finger, tap the menu to set measurements;

      b, Using scroll wheel to set Horizontal, Vertical, Cursor, Brightness, Persistence, trigger and so on.    

      Providing 31 measurements can be displayed in one screen and it can directly display or hide by using touch or scroll wheel setting, which is free from trouble in multiple pages turning.

      It can be operated by touch, button & scroll wheel and the response is quite fast.

      Horizontal, vertical or cross three cursors can be used.

      Connecting U disk can record waveform dynamically and operation process & waveform will be recorder simultaneously. Besides, there is no limit on time, which is convenient to locally connect record waveform data for analyzing.

      Remote control handheld oscilloscopes by PC operation, which include measure, save, display, record, data analyze and upgrade.

      6000mAh big capacity Li-ion battery can work up to 6 hours persistently and exclusively detachable design makes using conveniently.

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